St. Monica’s Preparatory School is in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain under the trusteeship of the Holy Faith Sisters. They are managed through the Holy Faith Preparatory School Board of Management.

The Board’s vision is that St. Monica’s Preparatory is a place where:

  • The Catholic Identity – ethos and tradition are celebrated and promoted
  • The Holy Faith core values of FAITH and JUSTICE are nurtured as well as the particular gospel values of the school
  • A respectful partnership between children, parent, staff and Administration is sought
  • Children can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development
  • Children learn respect for themselves and others and through various projects learn to care for the needs of the disadvantaged in our society
  • SMP also encourages the values of reliability, responsibility, hard-work, perseverance and tolerance.

Our History

St. Monica’s Preparatory opened its doors in September, 1959 and became fully functioning in the following year, 1960.

Sr. Laurentina of the Sisters of the Holy Faith, Ireland, was the first principal of this school. Two years later, Sr. Mary Eunan, yet another Sister of the Holy Faith, took over the reins of this illustrious institution and she remained and continued the “building” of this school from 1962 to 2000... what a leader she was.

This ‘giant’ of an educator died in Ireland on 10th November 2021 – May she Rest in Peace.

In 2000, Ann Marie (Grant) Clarke, the first lay person was made principal. Mindful of the Catholic ethos of the school, Mrs. Clarke, along with the Board of Directors, is continuing the work begun by her predecessors and thus St. Monica’s Prep. School thrives as it distinguishes itself in all arenas.

Steeped in the culture of a strong Catholic faith, St. Monica’s or as it is now fondly called S.M.P. has been the home of many of our staff members for several years; this staff has garnered its strength over the years with a core of teachers who work so well together that the synergy can only be described as unbelievable. These individuals have themselves found the elusive ‘chemistry’ or best fit in their environment and as such are some of the greatest mentors one can hope to find.

St. Monica’s Prep is owned and governed by the Sisters of the Holy Faith, with its motto:


Our Vision and Values

St. Monica’s Preparatory School has at its heart..

  • Community first, always
  • Compassion in action
  • Nurturing the whole child today, to contribute to tomorrow

Our Vision

The ultimate goal of the Holy Faith Preparatory Schools is for our students to graduate with a sound education, inclusive of Catholic beliefs and practices, that will promote their holistic development, enable them to become disciples of Christ and contributing members of the society.

Our Mission

The MISSION of the Holy Faith Preparatory Schools is to provide students with a high quality education, by sound teaching in a faith-filled Catholic environment and by instilling in them values and attitudes that will enable them to become active disciples of Christ and contributing citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Values

Throughout each stage of the school we instill core values in our students...

  • Junior Infants : Obedience
  • Senior Infants : Self control
  • Std 1 : Friendliness
  • Std 2 : Compassion
  • Std 3 : Tolerance
  • Std 4: Honesty
  • Std 5 : Reliability
  • Teachers : Perseverance

Our Awesome Team

Here are the faces and names of the dedicated staff behind the continued success of St. Monica's Preparatory School...

Mrs. Ann Marie Clarke


Mrs. Elizabeth Romany

Vice Principal (Std 5)

Ms. Keisha Knox

Vice Principal (Std 4)

Ms. Jill Wharton

Standard 5

Mrs. Ornella Ali

Standard 5

Mrs. Tiffany Llanos

Standard 4

Ms. Tishana Hinds

Standard 4

Ms. Frances Wells

Standard 3

Ms. Christal Newallo

Standard 3

Ms. Joanna Romany

Standard 2

Mrs. Gail Huggins-Harris

Standard 2

Ms. Felicia Lochan

Standard 2

Ms. Delicia Deane

Standard 1

Ms. Jody Williams

Standard 1

Ms. Vanessa Deane

Senior Infants

Mr. Julian Nanan

Senior Infants

Mrs. Lizmurie Gonzales

Senior Infants

Ms. Dara-Marie King

Senior Infants

Ms. Amanda Salandy

Junior Infants

Ms. Jesse Trotman 

Junior Infants

Ms. Nicole Bhagwandin

Junior Infants

Mrs. Cherise Knox-Samuel

Junior Infants

Mrs. Subrina Watkins


Mrs. Charmaine Figeroux

Social Studies

Ms. KellyAnne Quamina


Ms. Candice Alves


Mrs. Rosemary Perkins & Ms. Brenda Noel


Mr. Thorne Fernandez


Mr.Winston Daniel


Mrs. Gizelle Tardieu

Office Staff

Ms. Paige Eligon

Office Staff

Ms. Amanda Delzin

Office Staff

Mr. Issah Khadid

Security Guard

Mrs. Cheryl Chock Hong

Tuck Shop

Ms. Mary Young


Mr. Jimmy Young

Assistant Custodian

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