January 6, 2024

Here is a peek-in at the Term 2

Brownies and Girl Guides

SMP is pleased to introduce to our school Brownies and the return of Girl Guides in February. We shall welcome any parents who would like to be a part of this venture on Friday afternoons from 2:30PM-4:00PM.

Let us know through an email send to the school. 

Lenten Processions

Dates will be sent for the school walks and then the BIG one around NAPA.

SEA 2024

Thursday 21st March – collective prayer is needed for our candidates to move forward successfully. School closes on the Wednesday 20th March for the rest of the school.

Here is a peek-in at the Term 3

Sports Day

Friday 26th April- Sports Day will be at the Fatima Grounds.

First Confessions

Wednesday 1st May- First Confessions will take place for the Std 2 class at SMP.

First Communion 

Wednesday 22nd May – First Communion will take place at the Assumption Church.


SMP is pleased to announce the return of our Cubs club in May. 

Cubs takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 2:45PM-3:45PM.

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